Preparing for a puppy- Is Your Family Ready?

Preparing for a puppy is something that requires a lot of forethought and planning.
Families that take the time to do their research and make a new puppy checklist are
better equipped to add a new furry family member.

The cost factors
There is definitely a cost factor to be considered when you’re preparing your family for a puppy.
Not only do you have to save money for initial supplies for your pup, but you have those
unforgiving vet bills!

To start a life with your furry friend you need to have the puppy essentials including dog food,
toys, treats, bowls, a leash and collar. There are corporations like PetSmart where you can buy
supplies in store, but you can certainly check with other online stores like Amazon or Chewy for
better deals. You’ll want to know what kind of dog food your pup is currently eating before you
go out and buy any. Abruptly switching food brands can cause your new friend to have an upset

In the way of vet bills, some families choose to get pet insurance to help offset the cost factors
involved in owning a pet. They find that it is better for their budget to pay monthly for pet
insurance rather than paying large chunks out of pocket for vet bills. You should consider
medicine to be included in the cost of vet bills. Heartworm pills and flea and tick medicine are
the most commonly used monthly medications for dogs. The price of vet bills and medication
depends on your dog’s size and weight.

Do you have money set aside to care for a pet?
Is your family prepared to take on the cost factors involved in being dog owners?

The time commitment
Preparing your family for a puppy means planning out who is going to be in charge of
what parts of your pup’s day to day care. Puppies need affection, training, to be fed, and
daily exercise.

No more waking up at the last minute before you have to leave the house when you
have a dog. You have to make time in your schedule to check your dog’s food and
water and to take them outside. Having a fenced in yard will allow you to let your dog
out while you’re getting ready to leave, but if you don’t have a fence then you need to
make time for an actual walk.

If you plan on getting your new friend as a puppy, then expect an even bigger time
commitment. Potty training isn’t an easy task! Potty training, teething, exercising, and
general care are all time-consuming tasks.

Before getting your pup, look at your daily schedule. How long do you expect your dog
to be alone each day? If you are going to be gone for long hours, then you need to find
someone to stop by and take your pup out for you.

Does your family have time to commit to owning a dog? Being a dog owner requires you
to have the patience and time to provide.

Finding a dog
Before you get a puppy, you need to decide what your family needs. A few things to
consider about your pet should be size, breed, and grooming needs.

Do you have the space for a big dog, or are you better suited for a smaller dog? Does
anyone have fur allergies that would require you to purchase a more hypoallergenic
breed? Have your children ever been around dogs? Do you have the money to devote
to grooming a dog, or should you get a breed that doesn’t require regular haircuts?

After you’ve decided what kind of dog you’re looking for, it is time to start looking for
available dogs. Be EXTREMELY careful not to fund a puppy mill. One way to avoid that
risk altogether is to use DoggyCo. We only work with breeders that are top quality. No
backyard puppy mills are accepted! We make sure to match you with a pup that is going
to be the perfect addition to your family. Take a look at the puppies that are available!

Is your family ready for a dog? There are cost factors, time commitments, and breed
knowledge that all need to be discussed before you’re ready to adopt a puppy.

Do your research and get the whole family involved in preparing for your furry friend.
Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment, but it is the sweetest love you will ever know!


We have had dogs in the past, but do not currently have one. We have been considering getting another one. We are stuck on what kind to consider, so I really appreciate your tips on considering size, costs of grooming, etc.

Hi Sarah, we understand choosing the right puppy for your family is a big decision. We are happy to provide tips that may help you make the right decision. The right family matched with the right puppy is key for establishing a forever home.

Thanks for letting me know that emergency vet bills can be unforgiving once I’ve adopted a dog. Still, it has been my long time dream to get a dog of my own, so maybe I can just set aside a portion of my savings for these expenses. Nothing can probably stop me from bringing home trained Poodle puppies.

Zoe, setting aside a savings account for those surprise vet bills is a great idea.Vet bills can be expensive and we want to be able to do anything for our fur babies. We hope one day you can find and bring your dream poodle home.

These are such great tips! We have not had a puppy in a very long time and I forgot about that stage.

Adopting a puppy is a big time commitment, especially in the early years. Puppies need a lot of supervision, training, socializing, and cannot be alone for long periods of time.

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