Are you feeding your dog the right food?

With the hundreds of brands of dog food on the market, it can be hard to determine what
is best for your dog. You may be left wondering if the brand really even matters! What you feed
your dog DOES matter!

Ingredients to avoid
Unfortunately, not all dog food is made equal. Some ingredients have been linked to
horrible illnesses like canine heart disease. Foods that are grain free have an increased risk of
causing heart disease. If you feel like your pup has a grain allergy, then you should immediately
consult your veterinarian. Other ingredients to avoid include but are not limited to the following:
food coloring, corn syrup, farmed salmon, and xylitol.

Brands to avoid
Avoid grain free dog foods. As mentioned above, grain free foods have been linked to
canine heart disease. You should also avoid brands that list ‘meat’ as an ingredient. When
unspecified, the term meat refers to the worst leftovers and byproducts. You might think you’re
giving your pup an excellent source of protein, but the meat included is not of high quality.

Choosing from the good dog food brands
Don’t let this article scare you! It is meant to inform you, and help you make the best
decisions for your pup. You should actively research the brand of food that you purchase to
make sure it has not been recalled. The FDA regularly releases articles that name off major dog
food brands for their dangerous ingredients. Your veterinarian can help you pick a dog food that
is best fit for your individual pup’s needs.

Types of dog food
If you’re interested in trying a different brand of dog food, consider asking your vet if they
have any available samples. Vets typically carry high quality samples. If you want to do your
own research, then start by looking up dog foods that are relevant to your pup’s current size. Is
your dog a large breed or small breed? You can also research brands that are specific to your
dog’s age. Is your dog a puppy, adult, or a mature adult? Compare the brands that you have
listed, and ones that fall in both relative categories are worth looking into!

Switching your dog’s food
After reading this article are you deciding that it is time to make a switch? That is
perfectly fine! There are a few things to keep in mind when changing your dog’s food: buy a
small bag first. Your dog may experience an upset stomach when you change their food. Add a
small amount of the new brand with your dog’s current food, and slowly increase the new brand
over the course of a week.

Upset puppy tummies
If your dog experiences an upset stomach, then there are a few things you can try! You can give
them some boiled boneless skinless chicken, pumpkin, and rice to calm their stomach. If their
upset stomach persists, then you should take them to the vet to confirm that there is not an
outside factor that is causing their stomach to be upset. Be patient with your pup and take them
out to the bathroom often. Make sure they’re drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.
If you have the time and the resources, you can skip researching dog foods and feed your pup a
raw meat and cooked vegetable diet at home! Don’t feel bad if you’re unable to do that.

Do your research and try to make the best decision for you and your pup. What you feed your pup

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