Getting Your Kids Involved in Pet Care

Getting your kids involved in pet care is an excellent way to instill responsibilities,
compassion, and work ethic. Animals are a great family addition to those that are whole-
heartedly involved in their care and upkeep.


Things to consider before assigning responsibilities
Before you start adding puppy-related responsibilities to the chore chart, you need to
consider your puppy's temperament. 

  • Does your dog have food aggression?

  • Have you practiced basic food manners with your dog like sitting and waiting?
  • Is your child old enough to share a hand in taking care of the dog, or do they
    need your help?
  • Will your child need to be supervised during their pup-related chore?


You have to make sure that your child, as well as your family pet, will be safe at all
times. If you’re worried that getting your kids involved in pet care could result in an
accident, then it is much better to be safe than sorry! Showing your children how you
actively take care of the family pet is still teaching them how to be responsible,
compassionate, and to have a good work ethic!

Pet care your kids can help with
If you do feel like your children can be actively involved with pet care, wonderful! Here
are a few different chores for your kids. The following chores are all taking a hands-on
approach to pet care.

  • Giving treats: Make sure that your puppy is practicing their manners! Sitting
    before a treat and taking the treat easily are important.

  • Refilling food and water bowls: This chore can be done with the dog in the room,
    or while your dog is outside on a potty break!
  • Overseeing potty breaks: This chore is best if your yard is fenced in. An adult
    should always be present if your dog needs to be walked on a leash outside of a
    fenced area.
  • Play time: Pull out all of the toys. Your dog needs to be active, and your kids
    need to burn off energy!


Being safe rather than sorry doesn’t mean your children can’t help out! It simply means
that they need to take a hands-off approach. Here are a few chores that your children
can help with that won’t put them in harm’s way.

  • Cleaning bowls: Your dog’s food and water bowls need to be cleaned on a
    regular basis to avoid buildup of algae and bacteria. Your kids can absolutely
    help do the dog’s dishes!
  • Pick up toys: At the end of the day your children can help you tidy up the house
    by putting away all of the dog’s toys.


If you have children, consider getting your kids involved in pet care because it is an
incredible learning experience. Bringing a dog into a family requires an effort from
everyone! We all know that puppies require a lot of your time, but they are so worth it.

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