Raising a People Friendly Puppy

There is nothing better than stopping to pet a dog and getting all the sweet kisses. Sadly, not all
dogs are comfortable with you invading their personal space. Proper training from puppyhood
will encourage your dog to be people friendly!

Starting early
We absolutely encourage socialization to start very early on. Part of your time commitment to your dog is showing them affection. Pick your puppy up. When you interact with your dog, be
sure to pat them in different places. Touch their feet, rub their back, pat their head, rub their
belly. You want them to be comfortable with being petted in different places. Doing things like
touching their feet will also make it easier when it comes time to clip their toenails!

When appropriate, allow your children to socialize with your dog. Getting your kids involved in pet care builds a bond between them and your pup and increases trust. Your kids and your dog
need to know the boundaries to the interactions. Teach them not to do things like pull your dog’s
tail, grab their ears, or mess with their nose. Those are incredibly sensitive areas and can make
your dog fearful of children. Do not allow your children to attempt to ride your dog. That can
result in severe injury for both of them. Only encourage safe interactions between your children
and pets.

Change the scenery
For your puppy to be people friendly, even with strangers, you have to expose your puppy to
people in different situations. Take your dog on walks through your neighborhood. Allow your
neighbors to interact with your pup. These interactions are likely to be frequent, and your dog
will begin to associate these people and the way they smell as friends! Visit dog friendly
restaurants with your pup. The noise and activity levels will be higher, but it will teach your dog
to treat the situation as an opportunity for lots of love versus being high stress.

Being consistent
Trust takes time! If you are adamant about socializing your pup in new spaces regularly, then
you will absolutely see that you are raising a people friendly puppy. Encourage your pup to take
their time when meeting new people. Allow them to sniff the stranger and praise them for doing
so. A good way to reward them for giving kisses and allowing strangers to pet them is to carry
treats on your walk. Allow the stranger to give your pup the treat to further prove to your pup
that these interactions with new people are a good thing.

Don’t forget the boundaries
Remember, interactions with people require good manners! You want to raise a people friendly
dog, but you don’t want to encourage jumping. Don’t allow your pup to drag you with the leash
when they see someone new. Remind your pup to sit before you allow someone to pet them.
They might be a small puppy now, but you would feel terrible if your dog ever jumped on a
stranger and knocked them down. Boundaries will also prevent your pup from bombarding
someone who is fearful of animals. Manners are always beneficial for everyone involved.

Is your dog a total people person? Where is your favorite place to take them for all the love and
affection? As always, feel free to drop your tips for raising a people friendly puppy in the


Thank you! We try to keep our blog fun, engaging, and informational so that you can make the best choices when bringing home your new pup.

We are so glad that you discovered the DoggyCo blog. We try to educate pet owners to raise a puppy that is well socialized!

Glad to hear it. Raising a puppy to enjoy the company of people is essential for the safety of the puppy and people too.

Agreed! Some breeds are very susceptible to being unfriendly with non-family members. Most dogs are protective of their families, but they should know when it is okay to relax and have a good time. Associating strangers and the puppy’s favorite toys is an easy way to teach your dog to be more tolerant of strangers in the home.

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