Reward Style Puppy Potty Training Tips

Unfortunately, cute little Fido wasn’t born knowing where he needed to use the bathroom. He
gets the feeling, and he goes! Potty training can be frustrating when you feel like your puppy just
won’t learn, so we are bringing you the most effective puppy potty training tips!

Common potty training questions:
– Is my puppy too young to potty training? The short answer, no! If you found your forever
friend through DoggyCo, then your baby is older than 8 weeks old. We recommend that
you start potty training right away.
– How long does it take to potty train? There is not a guaranteed potty training timeline.
We can say; however, that our methods will result in your pup being potty trained more
– Is one type of reward style training the best? All reward style training is beneficial. We
recommend trying them all to figure out what works best for your family.

Here at DoggyCo, we advocate for reward style training methods. We have found that the most
effective reward method is to mix all of them. Dogs have different personalities, just like people!
Changing up the style of reward that you use will help keep your pup’s attention and validate
that what they’re doing is exactly what you want!

Potty training your puppy will be similar to potty training a child in a few ways: it will take
patience, their timeline will be individual, and you’ll lose a little bit of sleep! How can you survive
it? Stay focused on the end goal and stick to our reward style puppy potty training tips. You will
be so proud of the new skill that your pup has learned!

Three common reward styles are giving treats, giving praise, or giving physical attention. Giving
treats is a wonderful way to effectively potty train your pup. Most dogs are food motivated. If you
find that your pup is uninterested, then opt for a different kind of treat. If you don’t see results
after trying a few different brands of treats, then switch to giving praise or physical attention.
Everyone loves to be praised, including puppies! Use an excited tone and clap for your pup
when they go to the bathroom outside. You will immediately see an overjoyed reaction for them
that will come with a lot of tail wagging! When they make their way back to you after going to the
bathroom outside, reach down and love on them. Pat them on the head and tell them what a
good job they did. The physical attention along with the vocal praise will let your puppy know
they’re doing a great job.

These reward style puppy potty training tips should have you well on your way to potty training
your pup! Dogs live to please their humans. Check back often because we love to share
information to help you raise the best mannered pup on the block.

Training your puppy will not only make your life easier, but it will make your dog feel like they
have a job to do! You may be surprised to hear it, but a good mental health will improve your

dog’s life. If you’re interested in more tips for living a happy life with your new four-legged family
member, then feel free to check out our other articles!


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