Spending Quality Time With Your Dog

It might sound a little redundant to say, but you should be spending quality time with your dog. If
you’re working from home, then you have even more opportunities to indulge in personal time
with your four-legged friends. Don’t let them down!

Here at DoggyCo, we strive to educate all animal owners. This week, we are talking about your
dog’s mental health. You heard that right, mental health! While some dogs experience mental
health issues that are unrelated to their owners, dogs need our help to keep their mind’s
healthy. Spending quality time with your dog is a great way to positively impact your pup’s
mental health.

Examples of quality time
– Playing fetch at the park
– Jogging around the neighborhood with your dog
– Taking your dog on a car ride to pick up fast-food
– Hanging out at the dog park
– Teaching your dog new commands
– Belly rubs on the couch

Things that aren’t quality time
– Leaving your dog in their cage when you’re home
– Locking your dog outside
– Expecting your dogs to always self-entertain
– Making your dog live in their cage
– Shooing your dog away when they try to play with you

Dogs get lonely too! They’re called man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs can suffer from a
number of mental health issues related to loneliness. It’s true, your dog can have anxiety and

Depression in dogs
A sign of depression in your dog can be persistent laziness. Is Fido constantly curled up in their
bed, uninterested in anything other than sleeping? Your dog might be depressed! Encourage
them to play by introducing a new toy or treat. Refusing food is another sign of depression, so
try to be patient with your pup. Offer them a ‘high value’ treat like boiled chicken, or canned

Anxiety in dogs
Do you think that your dog might have anxiety? If your pup frequently shakes or shutters in
response to things, then they may be suffering from anxiety. Another sign of anxiety in dogs is
destructive behavior. Anxiety commonly presents itself in dogs as separation anxiety. It may be
best for you to crate train your dog when you leave your home, to prevent them from
accidentally injuring themselves. If you suspect that you’re going to be gone for a long period of

time, then check into a dog walker. Breaking up the amount of time that your dog has to spend
alone will help them learn to cope with your absence.

If you feel like your pup is suffering from a mental health issue, then it is best to consult your
veterinarian. While there are medications on the market that are dog safe and can help your pup
with their anxieties, we always recommend that you also take a natural approach to their

Poor mental health can be addressed by spending more quality time with your dog. Be the best
owner that you can be, and you will see that your dog is much happier! Do you think you have
what it takes to make a loving and committed dog owner? Discover available puppies for
adoption by using our puppy finder.


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