Working Dog Breeds

Looking to add a puppy to your life? You’ve come to the right place! DoggyCo connects you with reputable breeders, so you can find the perfect puppy for your family. While you’re scrolling through the available puppies, you may be asking yourself what breed is right for your family… If one of the pups that you have your eye on is a working dog breed, we think there are a few things you should know.

What are working dog breeds?
If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase working dog, you actually know more than you think! A working dog breed is one that was bred to complete specific tasks. These breeds are often task driven and aim to please. They can make wonderful pets, so don’t be alarmed! A few of the most common working dog breeds are Shepherds, Border Collies, and Mastiffs. As you can tell, most working dogs are large breed pups.

The Shepherd Breeds
We previously wrote an article on German Shepherds, and we simply can’t get enough of them! Shepherds make up a large group of working dogs. German, Anatolian, and Dutch Shepherds are all amazing guardian dogs. In ancient times, Anatolian Shepherds were bred to protect farm animals. More recently, German Shepherds have worked along the front lines protecting their human counterparts as military and police working dogs.

Siberian Husky
The well-known Alaskan sled pulling breed, these dogs are extremely high-energy. Siberian huskies are popular among dog owners for their convenient medium size and outgoing nature. They make great family pets but get ready to have someone who talks back! Huskies are a talkative breed that often gets along with other dogs as well as people. They are considerably smaller than the other two working dog breeds we’re mentioning here, but ready to work just as hard!

Similar to Shepherds, there are multiple types of Mastiffs. No matter the name, Mastiffs are an extremely large breed of dog. They’re wonderful protectors for their intimidating and extra-large stature. You can expect Mastiffs to stand on average around two feet tall and weigh more than 100-pounds.

As a working dog breed owner, you have to be ready to be a stern leader. Your dog needs to view you as a compassionate, but dominant head of control. Be clear with your dog what you need them to do, and they will commit their heart and soul to doing it. Working dog breeds can just as easily be gentle with their family, so don’t worry that your dog will only be kind to you. Like any dog breed, establish boundaries and train your dog young, and stay active with your training.

Are you convinced that a working dog breed is exactly what your family needs? Check out our breed comparison tool to help you narrow down your search. We would love to connect you with one of our top-notch breeders to help you bring home a healthy new puppy!


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