Tips For Car Rides With Dogs

There is nothing better than a good car ride with your pups. If the windows are down things start to feel like a hairball tornado, but you can see the happiness all over their face. They’re just happy to be traveling with you.

Most dogs love being asked if they’re ready to go for a ride. If you had the opportunity to check out our article about teaching your dog tricks, then you learned about word association. Some of the most common phrases for car rides are ‘Wanna go for a ride?’ and ‘Let’s go bye-bye’! Stick to whichever phrase works best for you, and you’ll be able to easily communicate with your dog. Do you want your dog to use the bathroom before you get in the car? Use your phrase with the command, and they’ll be more inclined to use the bathroom, so they get the “treat” of going for the ride.

Here at DoggyCo, we think taking car rides with your dogs is a great way to spend time with them as well as work on their training. There are so many situations that require you to transport your dog, so you need to prepare them for those experiences. You want your dog to make positive associations with car rides, so make sure to take them places other than the vet! Are you leaving the house to run through the drive-thru? Grab your pup! Want to get out of the house with your dog? Head to the dog park!

Wherever you’re heading, make sure that your dog is going to be safe during your trip. If you’re driving in a pick-up truck on main roads, do not have your dog in the bed of the truck. While we understand that dogs love to feel the wind, a car accident with your dog in the bed of a truck can prove to be fatal. We want you to keep your furry friend safe. If your dog is riding in the back of your truck, do not put them on a long leash. Leashing is a standard safety measure, but if your dog is able to jump out of the truck, the leash can prove to be fatal. Your dog is much safer inside your car.

An excellent way to ensure your pup’s safety during your car ride is to have them in an appropriately sized kennel. You don’t want your dog jumping over the car seats and endangering either of you while you’re travelling! The crate is a safe place for your dog to rest while you’re on your trip. Always place the kennel inside your vehicle. Placing the kennel in a closed trunk, or on a luggage rack is EXTREMELY dangerous. Secure the crate in the trunk of an SUV, or the backseat of your car so your dog has access to the air conditioning and safety of the inside of your vehicle.

We hate to talk about bad things happening, but we want our dog owners to be well informed. Be conscious about where your doggy is in your car before you leave your home. We all want the best for our furry friends! Where are you going to take your dog next?!


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