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DoggyCo is…


DoggyCo is… all about being an incredible partner to our National Network of Breeders and matching the Perfect Puppy with loving, committed pet families.

By combining many years of experience, the DoggyCo team works tirelessly to bring you a new and completely satisfying experience in searching for, acquiring, and integrating a new member of your ”PACK”.

The Doggyco model was established to introduce puppy lovers to our DoggyCo pre-certified network of Trusted Breeders, demystify the search process, and make it Simple, Easy, Fast and Fun! We handle the details… you love your new puppy..

DoggyCo: “Where DOGGY is KING“… and your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


DoggyCo abhors the damage caused to both dogs and families by “puppy-mill operations” and will not display puppies or breeders who fail to meet the highest standards outlined by professional Kennel Clubs in the US and Canada.

During the Breeder Application process, potential breeders are required to submit detailed photos and descriptions of their operations and facilities. Registrations are checked and verified with kennel clubs and the USDA where necessary. Applying breeders must complete and agree to the obligations, terms and conditions as outlined the DoggyCo Breeder Contract which also outlines the penalty of delisting should a breeder fail to comply at any time. DoggyCo becomes your advocate with the breeder to assure that you are satisfied with the services provided.

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Our Puppy Owners Say

The DoggyCo service platform is designed to far exceed your expectations in assisting you to confidently make the important decision to bring a new puppy into your family pack.

We actively invite feedback and suggestions from both our customers and our breeders.

We are accumulating quite an archive of customer comments that reinforce not only our awesome puppies and breeders but endorse the DoggyCo service experience.

DoggyCo is never satisfied until you are.

Guiding Principles

  1. First and foremost, Exclusively, Ethical Breeding and Kennel Operations
  2. “The DoggyCo Healthy Puppy Guarantee”:Breeder’s Vet-verified health documentation pre-delivery. Your Vet-confirmed examination after arrival assures a healthy puppy.
  3. Transparency of Customer and Breeder purchase and delivery transactions
  4. Zero tolerance for puppy mill practices.

CEO Message

Welcome to DoggyCo! As CEO, I’m proud and humbled to fashion a business that is genuinely unique, very much standing out from the competition.

You’ll undoubtedly notice our attention to detail… from our website design, to the systems and tools we offer Breeders and Customers choosing to work with us.

DoggyCo truly is all about YOU – providing the best experience possible In finding that special companion who perfectly matches what you’re looking for… as witnessed by our exclusive Breed Wiki and Personality Finder, created to educate and coach you about each breed.

We’re firmly committed to only work with the BEST breeders, who we rigorously screen and select based on honoring ethical breeding standards as defined by professional Kennel Clubs in the US and Canada

Like most people, dogs were a huge part of my childhood, helping provide meaning and purpose to life. Regardless of your reasons for looking now; whether you’re filling a need for a child, teenagers, just you and a partner, or for retired seniors… we have the perfect puppy for you!

Now, let us help you make your dreams a reality!

Ron Heaps

CEO DoggyCo

Frequently Asked

Our DoggyCo Healthy Puppy Guarantee is that the puppy you select on the Breeders DoggyCo site is vet-certified healthy and free from breed typical defects. Experience tells us that most puppy health or owner allergy issues arise within the first 14 days after a puppy meets their new pack. We work with you and the Breeder to ”re-home“ the puppy should it be necessary.

Puppy behavior and temperament cannot be guaranteed and requires a careful commitment to training and care from a loving pack environment.

DoggyCo rigorously pre-screens and qualifies all breeders before we display puppies for you to view. The DoggyCo commitment is to ethical Breeders and highest quality puppies.

Quality puppies, Service, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

Access to Pre-Screened, Ethical Breeders from across the country who give professional service and advice.

Our DoggyCo “Healthy Puppy Guarantee” and Customer Satisfaction Promise

Shipping arrangements are made directly between yourself and the breeder.

All such plans and paperwork are carefully documented and communicated to you to assure the smooth and safe delivery of your new puppy.

Several airlines have “live animal” shipping programs that include temperature and climate-controlled conditions that see your new puppy delivered to the airport you chose the same day.

You may also choose to hire a “Puppy Nanny” to carry your puppy onboard an airplane and deliver it to you at an airport close to home.


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