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Here at DoggyCo, we genuinely care about the Breeders we work with and look forward to building long-term relationships built on trust. We are committed to do everything we can to assist you in being successful… and providing a great online experience is just part of it!

We’ve put tremendous effort into creating an exciting and informative site where customers can research and be taught about each specific breed, which simplifies the sales process. Before reaching out to you, customers will typically be decided on the breed and feel confident that it’s the right fit for their needs. Your time can then be spent adding value to the personal service only you can offer. DoggyCo is also careful about matching supply with demand for our puppies. We believe it’s important to not over-saturate the market for any given breed.

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The DoggyCo service platform is designed exclusively to showcase your incredible puppies to an International Web audience. It’s all about getting you, your kennel and your puppies in front of more qualified customers looking for exactly what you have… Perfect Puppies!

That’s what DoggyCo does!

Breeders who align with DoggyCo, now have professional marketing resources working for them, promoting and maintaining your very own customized, beautifully-designed website, to showcase you and your puppies. Your puppies are also displayed on the DoggyCo Corporate Website as “Available Puppies” which links an interested customer directly to your Breeder website. You can track every visitor to your website for personal service and follow-up.

DoggyCo takes you out of the ‘local’ kennel business and into the vast web marketplace, with pricing that matches demand in the National and International marketplace. Sell with us and enjoy the DoggyCo Breeder Rewards Bonuses to boost your earnings on each puppy sold on the service.

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What Breeders Say


With good reason, Breeders are excited about the DoggyCo service offering.
They love our care and attention to detail on our exclusive service platform which is unique in the industry.

By appealing to a broad, national/international customer base, we look to help increase your per-puppy earnings with higher prices and exciting bonuses as you conduct your business through DoggyCo. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you experience the success you have always hoped for!

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