How Can I Find A Puppy?

Finding a puppy can be a fun, but challenging process. While there are many options out there, like adoptions, or a breeder. It’s not always clear who you should buy from or which particular puppy will match your personality. 

Many people struggle for a long time to find the perfect puppy for them. Knowing whether any particular dog is ideal for your lifestyle and personality isn’t always obvious. All kinds of questions will run through your mind like:

  • Will it have the right personality to match mine? 
  • Will my puppy be healthy?
  • Can the puppy have any behavioral problems, or could it develop them in the future?
  • Do I have the time to raise this particular breed of puppy?
  • Am I buying from a reputable breeder? 

DoggyCo wants to help you know that you it’s very possible, and easier than ever to find a puppy that is perfect for you.  

If you haven’t already please take our quiz which can show you what breed matches your personality type. You can take it here.  

Once you have finished the quiz you can read through the following advice for finding the dog that’s right for you. 

Buy A Puppy From A DoggyCo Certified Breeder

While there are alternative methods for acquiring puppies, the ideal way is to buy one directly from a DoggyCo certified breeder. 

There are several reasons for this. The first is that you will know what you’re getting. Our breeders have to conform to strict standards to ensure that they retain the quality of the breed. The parents of the puppies must follow set criteria so that the bloodline continues.

The second reason to go to one of our breeder is that DoggyCo official breeders meet animal welfare standards. It is vital that the first few weeks of a puppy’s life are happy and secure. Dogs kept in hostile conditions can develop dysfunctional personality traits that stay with them as they grow older, causing problems for their owners. If you don’t buy a dog from a reputable breeder, you risk winding up with an unhappy and unhealthy pup. Not to mention you’ll feel unhappy and stressed.

If you have the opportunity to be able to visit a breeder, make sure that they answer all of your questions. A DoggyCo breeder will expect you to probe them on the quality of their kennels and the medical services that they offer the animals in their care. Ultimately you see how they’re giving their puppies the best possible start in life.

How To Choose The Right Breed For You

Finding a puppy isn’t just about finding a reputable breeder; it’s also about choosing the right dog for you. 

There are more than 200 different breeds of domesticated dogs, ranging from the small and demure Maltese all the way up to the giant Alsatian. Choosing the right kind of puppy for your personality, family, and lifestyle is essential! 

While most dogs are friendly and eager to please, some are more suited to specific situations. Working dogs, for instance, are more acclimated for life on the farm or in particular roles, such as a guide or sniffer dogs. Toy breeds, on the other hand, are much better for people who live in small apartments, thanks to their smaller stature and lower requirements for physical space.

There are a lot of questions that many future owners may ask could be if  whether your new puppy is a shedding or non-shedding breed. Most dog breeds shed their coat periodically, often twice per year. Some, however, like the Maltese, are hypoallergenic and don’t shed at all. This feature makes them ideal for owners with allergies. 

You also need to make yourself aware of the possible health problems that your particularly puppy might have in the future. Some breeds are notorious for developing particular inherited conditions as they age, so you want to know about these risks in advance before you put money down and make a purchase. Flat-faced puppies (sometimes called brachycephalic puppies), like pugs and bulldogs, have particular health concerns that you may need to address throughout their lives. 

How To Find The Perfect Puppy For You

Even if you buy a puppy from the best breeder in the country, there’s still a risk that the dog itself might not gel with your personality. 

That’s where DoggyCo comes in. We’ve written an e-book called The Secrets of Finding the PERFECT Dog that discusses the considerations that you need to make before taking the plunge and buying a puppy of your own. It asks the crucial questions, such as why you want a dog in the first place and how the animal will fit into your lifestyle. And it breaks down why you might want to get a dog and which breeds could serve you best. 

People choose dogs for all kinds of reasons. They want animals that will keep their company, help them navigate busy streets, provide security, and be their exercise partner. The Secrets of Finding the PERFECT Dog will show which personality types are most likely to match your own and how to find genuine Certified Breeders. Finally, it’ll teach you about the difference between a puppy and a dog, and what to expect once they’re all grown up. 

Are you looking for a puppy? If so, DoggyCo can help!

DoggyCo has developed a range of tools that you can use to find the perfect puppy. Instead of just guessing which puppy right for you, DoggyCo gives you real data that you can use to inform your decision. Remember, buying a puppy is a big deal. Your new pooch will be with you for a long time to come so you want to make the right choice!