DoggyCo Breeder Refund Policy

Last Updated: 02/10/2020

Breeders are responsible for providing a healthy Puppy, free from physical defects or disease to the customer with whom they have agreed to deliver a puppy.

If a Customer contacts a Breeder within 14 days of receiving delivery of the puppy and notifies the Breeder the delivered puppy has physical defects or medical conditions, certified in writing by a doctor of veterinary medicine, a DoggyCo registered breeder is obligated to accept a return of the puppy. The Breeder may suggest and agree to alternative resolutions, but it is in the Customer’s sole discretion to accept an alternative resolution or to request a return. The Customer’s satisfaction is paramount in the resolution of the refund request.

The Breeder must affirm and communicate immediately to DoggyCo the return agreement reached between the Breeder and the Customer. The Breeder may communicate the return agreement by phone or email. Breeders must provide DoggyCo with the puppy registration number, the Breeder registration number, and the date the return was approved by the Breeder. The Breeder must further notify DoggyCo when the returned puppy is received by the Breeder.

If DoggyCo has paid to the Breeder the asking price prior to a refund being initiated, the Breeder is obligated to refund to DoggyCo all funds paid to the Breeder applicable to the returned puppy. DoggyCo reserves the right to pursue all legal means to recover the Breeder Asking Price, and rebates and bonuses paid relating to the specific returned puppy.

Upon repayment to DoggyCo of the Breeder asking price, DoggyCo will refund the Selling Price and taxes of the specific puppy to the customer, less delivery costs (if any) to the customer within 14 days of the return.

Any attempt to deceive or manipulate the returns policy is grounds for immediate disqualification and removal of all Breeder information and puppy inventory from the DoggyCo website.

DoggyCo reserves the right to suspend or terminate our association with any Breeder at any time and for any reason.