DoggyCo Customer Refund Policy

Last Updated: 02/10/2020

DoggyCo strives for 100% satisfaction from both our Customers and the Breeders who supply puppies.

When a puppy purchased through DoggyCo is ill or is found to have an undisclosed physical defect, which is verified in writing by a doctor of veterinary medicine, a Customer may, pursuant to the following terms and conditions, request to return the puppy for a partial refund. A puppy is neither house nor obedience trained when delivered. Owners are responsible for such training of their puppy, and typical puppy behaviors do not constitute an acceptable reason for returning a puppy.

To request a return and refund, a Customer must contact the Breeder of the puppy within the 14 days of receiving delivery of the puppy. The Customer must explain to the Breeder the reasons for the return. The Breeder and the Customer will agree on the details of the return. A Customer may not request to return a puppy after the initial 14-day period following the actual delivery date.

When a Customer complies with these terms and conditions and when the Breeder confirms return of the puppy, DoggyCo will refund the fees paid by the Customer, including sales taxes, less the following: (1) delivery charges and (2) third-party services and costs (collectively, the “Available Refund”) and taxes on delivery services.

DoggyCo sends the Available Refund through the original payment method and account directly to the Customer within 14 days of receiving notification from the Breeder that the Breeder has received the returned puppy.