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DoggyCo takes the worry out of placing your precious puppies

Whether you have puppies available today or in the future, set up your own DoggyCo website, post your perfect puppies when they’re ready, and let DoggyCo do extensive outreach to pre-qualified homes.

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With good reason, Breeders are excited about the DoggyCo service offering…
They love our care and attention to detail on our exclusive service platform which is unique in the industry.

By appealing to a broad, national/international customer base, we look to help increase your per-puppy earnings with higher prices and exciting bonuses as you conduct your business through DoggyCo. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you experience the success you have always hoped for!


I love all the information on this website…very helpful!

July 20 2020


I set up my free website and now I can send all my contacts there to see my new puppies!

July 07 2020


I sold my first Pomeranian puppy in less than two hours after posting it.

June 30 2020

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